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POLYTHERM®, the exclusive double coating by Metaltex that adds value and quality to the product.

From our Metaltex Research & Development department a unique double coating has been created with the aim of adding extra protection to wire products. This one of a kind coating process, Made in Italy, adds a second transparent protection layer right after a first metal-coloured layer, making it incomparable with traditional single coating treatments, such as low density polyethylene and epoxy.

Polytherm® works as an anti-rust treatment: it’s unique transparent protection helps to prevent rust, and is shock resistant – considerably prolonging the product’s life. Polytherm® adds value to the product: the antistatic transparent protection does not attract dust, making products much easier to clean, resulting in attractive and shiny products at the POS. Polytherm® products come with a 5 year guarantee.

POLYTHERM® is available in 3 different fashionable looks:

POLYTHERM® Metallic The original treatment in a classic silver metallic look. A refined colour that would like great in any room of the house.

POLYTHERM® Frost The state of the art anodized aluminium look. An avant-garde silver matt colour, smooth to the touch, with a particularly vibrant, almost glowing, matte finish.

POLYTHERM® Copper The copper finish is a beautiful modern/traditional combination. Designers, furniture experts and bloggers, all over the world, are very enthusiastic about this bronze-metallic colour, which brings elegance and warmth into the home.

Chrometherm® is the latest accomplishment by Metaltex research and development. It's a new coating with a chrome look and comes with a 6 year guarantee.

In addition to looking great and having a long life, it's an innovative eco-solution that greatly reduces the impact on key environmental indicators in comparison to traditional methods of chrome plating.

Chrometherm® coating has undergone an LCA – Life Cycle Assessment test, in order to be compared with the standard chrome plating process and verify independently and scientifically its environmental impacts.

EPOTHERM®, the exclusive outdoor coating by Metaltex that adds value and quality to the product.

Epotherm® surface treatment is the quality alternative to traditional polyethylene and electrostatic epoxy coatings.

Epotherm® is the result of continuous studies and refinements of our Research & Development department, with the aim of creating a line of technologically advanced products – built to last, for its customers.

A treatment that offers undoubted advantages:

Epotherm® is a quality coating: it is an epoxy treatment with about 30% more plastic protection, which makes the product line thicker and decreases the onset of bending. Thanks to the greater amount of coating, each point of the product is covered thoroughly, including the welding points and the ends of the wires – critical points for traditional epoxy systems.

Epotherm® products give a perceived value of ​​greater solidity and longevity.

Epotherm® is resistant: laboratory tests show that articles treated with Epotherm® tolerate atmospheric agents better than old-fashioned treatments.

Epotherm® does not split, it prevents the formation of rust and unsanitary moulds that make polyethylene (LDPE) products, turn yellow.

Epotherm® cleans easily, due it’s antistatic properties, which repel dirt.

Epotherm® products are guaranteed for 5 years.

Metaltex is an Italian company and has had a long journey since its early days in Mendrisio in 1945. This journey of constant growth and innovation has transformed Metaltex into a world class company within the industry: trusted; reliable; and secure.

The Design, Research & Development stages at Metaltex ensure top quality products, regardless of the country of product origin.

Metaltex designs and develops products in three major categories: 1. Kitchen utensils and Gadgets 2. Stoarage and Organization 3. Laundry Care